Delving into Social Media

31 01 2012

Reading Reflection

After reading the chapters on MySpace, Facebook, and The Dark Side of New New Media, I figured I’d do a quick response (in bullet form). Then I’m going to spend the week getting acquainted with Google+. Then I’ll post my reaction to it – I want to give Google+ a fair, semi-unbiased chance before I talk about it.

Here are a couple things that stood out to me:

    1. Social networking and music – This will actually be my essay topic. Being a musician, I am very interested in how bands and artists have been able to build their name and gain recording contracts without having to rely on the recording companies in the first place. Sites like MySpace and Facebook “Band Page” are giving power back to musicians – where it belongs.
    2. “Friends” are different on MySpace and Facebook – Levinson made a good point that, while he has 6,000 friends on MySpace, he only knows 100 of them “in-person.” I agree with his statement that Facebook “friends” are people that you have at one point met.
    3. First love syndrome – While reading through the Facebook chapter and thinking about what I’m going to do with Google+, I couldn’t help but ask myself repeatedly “Will there be anything bigger than Facebook?” I think Levinson’s statement of “first love syndrome” makes a lot of sense here. I experienced Facebook (and fell in love with it) before I joined MySpace. Now, with any other new new media (well, I should say social networking/media site), I find myself comparing it to Facebook. Can I find friends as easily as Facebook? Can I make albums like Facebook? etc.
    4. The dark side of new new media – I have absolutely no tolerance for bullying, and reading a chapter about it fired me up a bit. It’s a horrible, stupid stupid thing. And sadly, new new media is a great avenue for bullying. Not only can rumors, hate messages, and harassing videos/photos be disseminated in a rapid fashion – the bullies can do it all while hiding behind a computer screen. But like Levinson said – a pillow can be used to sleep on and give comfort…but it can also suffocate and murder someone.

What’s Next

I ended that on a slightly negative note. But anyways, what can you expect for the upcoming week? I will post another visually pleasing (hopefully you think it is) tetrad of Facebook as well as my reaction to Google+. I will continue to interact with everyone’s blogs while working with Google+.

Let’s have a fun week my fellow new media adventurers.

Meanwhile, enjoy this man pulling out his karate moves on a basketball hoop at the BSA.


The Dark Side of New New Media

31 01 2012

Rise Against wrote a song after Tyler Clemenit, a gay freshman at Rutgers University, committed suicide when his roommates filmed him having sex and posted it on the Internet.

Media has a very very dark side when used in the wrong way.

Twitter Tetrad

27 01 2012

I created another tetrad for Twitter similar to my tetrad about blogging. Two areas I considered about Twitter are: a)timeliness/content and  b) how Twitter affects the technological global village.

Take a look and enjoy! Read the few older posts about Twitter too if you haven’t.


Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss

26 01 2012

I must admit, after reading through numerous posts about Twitter, I’m a little disappointed. As a NEW MEDIA major, I inherently am open to new types of social interaction avenues. No I don’t have an account for every new new medium out there, but I’m at least open minded. To see such negative posts about Twitter is discouraging. It hasn’t even been a week.

I’m a believer in the Internet as a powerful source of knowledge. It’s a place we seek to find and share information with others. I also believe the more we openly communicate, the better. Im a comm major, I love talk talk talk. And Twitter has allowed that. To discredit it within a few days of use…is slightly ignorant.

You don’t have to love Twitter, but to belittle it because of ignorance or misunderstanding…is, well, disappointing. But that’s natural American society – we dislike anything deviant of the norm…of OUR norm.

Don’t Hate the Bird

24 01 2012

I can tell a lot of EC457 classmates are not a fan of Twitter, but I will try my hardest to defend it! It’s not perfect – there are things I would change. But it is unique, and it’s honestly how I get my news (and people’s reactions) daily.

Did you know?? –> Creators came up with the name Twitter because they liked how the name fulfilled the concept of the site. By tweeting, you are giving a short little “chirp” to the world. Get it?

What I Like About Twitter

Here are a few awesome things about Twitter:

  1. Quick, easy, and immediate
  2. Mass communication is personal
  3. 140 characters forces you to be quick and concises (and witty)
  4. I can keep an easy eye on what all my friends are up to
  5. The “Trending” sidebar – it’s how I learn about what’s new and stirring people up
  6. People are hilarious with their tweets
  7. Smaller community that Facebook –> I can be a bit more honest and open w/o fear of my boss creeping on me

What I’d Change About Twitter

Even though I love Twitter, there’s a few things I’d change that would make it more user-friendly:

  1. Easier search for friends (they haven’t quite perfected that)
  2. Control of SPAM, otherwise using #hashtags are going to lose their categorical function

That’s actually about it. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s sometimes hard to find people.

Also, sometimes people use Twitter as a “subliminal message” outlet to other people following them. Ex: a girl is pissed at this dude but doesn’t want to confront him, so she tweets about her frustrations and emotions, hoping he will read it. <–it’s a little middle-school, but a lot of people do it, and it kind of bothers me. It’s allowing people to avoid confrontation, a difficult but much needed interpersonal skill.

Keep at It!

I want to encourage you guys to make a solid effort with Twitter. Like I said in my last post, I only got Twitter originally to follow @markhoppus, and not only did I receive a TON of crap for joining Twitter (all of those people now have Twitter accounts) but I also struggled to see the point of it. But I found things that make it more interesting, and I harrassed enough people to join. Now I love it. It’s so quick and I just randomly check it for a few minutes on my phone and move on. I love being able to interact quickly with people and bands for a witty comment or story.

And feel free to @mention me! I will certainly reply back and have a mini-convo with you.

What’s Next

 The next few blogs will be about Digg and then I will create a tetrad for Blogging vs. Twitter (miniblogging). I am actually looking forward to creating that one…considering I dreaded sitting down and doing the last one.

Twitter Tips

24 01 2012


I was quite excited to see our new endeavor for this week – Twitter! I have been a user of Twitter since the summer of 2009. I have always loved it, but it definitely became more fun starting around fall of 2011. Follow me on the sidebar – @ktkilla.

A lot of new users have the tendency to get an account to try it out and then go “uhhh, okay? This sucks.” But they haven’t done anything. It takes a little work getting things established an rolling. Twitter is useless without following. I’ve been reading the posts about initial reactions to Twitter, and so I want to give a few tips that are not only helpful, but make Twitter more fun.


  1. Find people! Twitter’s power comes from the interaction with people and groups. Let the Facebook world know you got an account and give your name. They’ll search for you too.
  2. Find accounts of things of interest. It’s nice to get things like – CNN, Uber Facts, or FamilyGuyTweets on your home feed (Be careful with UberFacts – they update A LOT. But their stuff is interesting and funny).
  3. Find celebrites. I originally got Twitter to follow Mark Hoppus after Blink 182 got back together in 2009. Now I follow other bands, and it helps me keep up to date with all of them. Plus, you can even interact with them.  A lot of celebrities and bands are good about reading @mention’s and sometimes replying to you.
  4. Use hashtags, @mentions, and retweets. Whether it’s for humor, talking to someone, or so you can see what other people are saying about a topic, they’re fun to use, and it makes everything even more interconnected.
  5. Set up your smartphone with Twitter. By nature, Twitter is about frequent mini-blogs, and being mobile with it makes that work better. You can stay up-to-date more easily, and it’s more fun. Also, you can upload pics from your phone (if you can’t tell, I love doing that).
  6. If you don’t have a smartphone, set up your dumbphone. You can do updates via text, and you can receive texts when certain people update (be careful with that one – if the person is a frequent updater, that can get old quick).
  7. Don’t be worried about what to tweet. Whether it’s a poetic thought or an update about what you’re doing today, tweet it!

If you have questions about any of that, feel free to ask. Twitter is only fun if you interact with people, keep tabs on people, and update more often than once a month. Also, try and get other friends into Twitter.

Tetris. Wait, I Mean…Tetrad!

22 01 2012

Blogging and the Tetrad

Alas, my last blog for week 2. It has been a long journey this weekend, and my thumbs are actually quite sore. It was definitely helpful to read some other responses to the tetrad lecture, and I better grasped the concept. Thanks to my fellow classmates for that.

Because I am all about information dissemination and the Web, that’s what my blogging tetrad encompasses.