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11 01 2012

Shred Fast my Friends 

Well hello my fellow blogging classmates! I would like to declare this as my first official blog post ever. Isn’t the Internet just a crazy thing? I went on a rant the other day to my roommate about how incredible it is. The other day I wanted to make deviled eggs. I had a general idea of how to make them, but I didn’t know the specifics. So, I Google it. Sure enough, there’s a whole WEBSITE dedicated to deviled eggs. Yeah, I laughed too.

But think about it. Think about all of the information people put out there – just because they can. Just because they know the information. Our generation is constantly being ridiculed for being lazy and stupid, but look at the internet. Look at all of the instructional YouTube videos. Those people don’t have any gain from making those videos – just the satisfaction that their knowledge is being shared.

History with Social Media 

The Internet is changing our world, and it’s for the better. Especially in the aspect of social media. Because of social media, we can keep in touch with old friends, family across the world, and our favorite celebrities and musicians. Social media is making our world smaller and operate faster. I think that’s great.

I have a pretty solid understanding of various social media venues, however I don’t have accounts for many because my network of friends are currently not at that level. I am big into Facebook and Twitter, but I understand the concepts of Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, blogging, YouTube, etc.

As a public relations and new media student, I completely understand and advocate the use of social media in persuading and connecting with consumers and marketing/managing an organization. I’m excited to dip my feet into the different venues of social media that I will probably have to know how to use in whatever job I have after school.




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11 01 2012

Nice job customizing your site, Katie, and you have a great conversational style–very internet friendly. Looking forward to seeing how many followers you get!

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