iCan’t Make a Decision

13 01 2012


I have been waiting for this day since the iPhone joined AT&T…contract upgrade! I have Verizon, and I received great news that I can get a new phone. Alas, I can be with my dream phone. However, I have a debate…

iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s?

I thought it was only fitting to ask my fellow social media classmates about hardware that was a significant springboard for numerous interacting apps and social networking/media capabilities. Here are the pros and cons for each:

iPhone 4:

Pros –

  • $100 cheaper than the 4s
  • Better customer reviews about the hardware itself
  • Did I say it’s a hundred bucks cheaper??
  • Can still upgrade the software


  • No Siri or iCloud
  • 5 megapixel camera and doesn’t have 1080p HD recording like the 4s
  • I can only get black (I really want white)

iPhone 4s:

Pros –

  • I can get it in white
  • 8 megapixel camera and 1080p HD recording
  • More features than the 4


  • Will burn a little hole in my pocket
  • Is it worth the extra $100?
  • Many people aren’t happy with its hardware flaws

What is your opinion? It can be as rational or irrational as you want, but I’d like some opinions! I have a couple days to decide.

One Final Note

I want to know what putting the “i” in front of words means to you. Personally, whenever I see the “i,” I immediately make the association with advanced and, more importantly, “cool” technology. When you read my title, were you able to draw a quick conclusion about what my post was about? I think Apple has done something amazing by coining the “i.” Share your thoughts.




9 responses

13 01 2012

I have the iPhone 4, and my dad just recently got the iPhone 4s. I have Verizon and my dad has Sprint. First of all, when I got my iPhone 4 I was told I had the choice of black or white. I have iCloud, so obviously iCloud is available for both the 4 and the 4s, at least as far as I know. Siri does not work like it is advertised to. My dad wishes he would have gotten the 4 and saved some money. I would definitely recommend the iPhone 4. I love mine, and you really won’t miss anything that’s in the iPhone 4s. I would say to get the iPhone 4.

13 01 2012

Thanks for your opinion! I’ve been leaning for the 4, but I wanted to see if there was a good argument for the 4s. And while the 4 does come in white and black options, the white ones are hard to find (often sold out).

Anyone have other arguments?

14 01 2012
Alison Smythe

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15 01 2012

I don’t know much of anything about smart phones, so I can’t comment on your phone dilemma, but I was intrigued by the question you presented at the end of your post. iThink (lol) that you make a really good point with what apple has done w/ their “i” promotions.

I was on your blog’s homepage and scrolling down the page, I saw this post’s title before I read anything you’d written or the pictures, and I knew that it was going to be something about Apple–in that split second I wondered if you were switching from PC to Mac or if it was something about an iPod or iPad. Then I saw that it was about an iPhone and I thought to myself “clever title.”

So, that was a long answer to your question, but YES, I did know you were going to talk about something apple and along with apple I do associate “coolness” to a degree. I personally only have a nano iPod, but am hopeless on a Mac. I like my iPod, but I like the Zune too. And I still favor PC’s. Regardless, I still give them quite a bit of respect to Apple products; I know many people who would swear by their Apple products and in general I’ve seen their usefulness and benefits. There’s no denying that Apple products are pretty sleek and sharp looking. Also, they ARE expensive, so there’s truth behind the connotation of having an Apple product and being a bit aloof or elitist–because not everyone can afford one. Not to say that I have anything against people with Apple products or actually think that they are that way!

15 01 2012

Clever iThink there haha. And Apple definitely knows what they’re doing. The branding they have going on is amazing. The fact that you caught on to my title proves my point! We’re on the same page with Macs and PC’s too – I think comparing the two is apples and oranges. Microsoft and Apple both have amazing strong points. I have a powerful Gateway PC, but I will be investing in a MacBook and I love my iTouch for music.

15 01 2012

I don’t know the real answer but I say “i” is for innovation! I would go with the 4s only because it has Siri. Do you think you would use/need the Siri capabilities? I have the older iPhone 3 and love it, I would pay the extra $100 for Siri.

15 01 2012
Hannah Albrightson

That other comment was supposed to go on another tab (delete it!)….Anyways, I think you should get an iPhone 4 instead of the 4s. The 4s seems to be a running joke around the internet and doesn’t really seem that much better considering the extra 100 dollars.

15 01 2012

Well, I made a valiant effort to get an iPhone 4, but sadly they are hard to come across :/ So I did have to bite the bullet and get the 4s. I tried 3 stores and couldn’t get my hands on a 32gb iPhone 4. I just had to keep telling myself “1080p katie, 8 megapixel camera” (b/c the phone will not only be my phone and music player, but my still-frame camera). I’m very excited to use new, new new, and social media on my phone!

17 01 2012
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