Just Because We Can Make Up Words…(doesn’t mean we should)

13 01 2012

I Lost Sleep Thinking About This..

After reading Levinson’s first chapter, I struggled to grasp the term “new new media.” While I do agree that there is a difference between new media and social media (although new media is often inherently social), what is the point of coining “NEW new media?”

I was reluctant to post much in response to the reading because of my dislike of the term (I’ll probably have to get used to it though – it’s the name of the stinking book). But then AlydaSerene basically stated what I was feeling (though mine is a little more…blunt): it’s obnoxious.

I realize that new new media has components that are unique, but honestly…I would rather the term “new media” and “social media” remain the umbrella terms until something RADICALLY different comes along and needs a completely new coined term.




2 responses

14 01 2012
The Term “New New Media” | Aspiring Novelist

[…]  Having the terms “new media” and “social media,” as Katie discusses in her blog, better describes what the media is and how it is used, in my […]

17 01 2012
Tren 100

Love this {blog|site|website}…

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