No, It Isn’t

13 01 2012

Well…Yes, It Actually Is

I love music – especially recording and playing it. Over winter break I got pretty bored, so I decided to do an acoustic-ish cover of +44‘s song “No, It Isn’t.”

I recorded acoustic guitars and the bass, but became deterred come vocals and drums time, because a) I’m not a singer, b) I have no drums.

So! I sent it to my friend Kelly in the band Infinite Signal (Minneapolis), and she gave it to the guitarist/singer, Eli. He threw on some vocals and drums and sent it back to me! For just dorkin around, we had a pretty amazing songchild together.

No, It Isn’t. <–Click to enjoy.




One response

13 01 2012

Wow! That’s awesome! It’s a great way of combining the different forms of “new new media” (a term I’m not too comfortable with either yet). Blogging linked to youtube/wikipedia/facebook.

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