I Can See Clearly Now..

14 01 2012

…The Rain Is Gone

Interacting with other students in this class is amazing. I was struggling with the concept of “new media” and “new new media” and whether or not I liked it. A bit of a conversation was going on among Alyda, Marie, and I about it. The wool is finally being pulled from my eyes!

At first I was ranting a bit about the term new new media. I didn’t think there was a good enough difference between the two media types to have a separate name, but Marie made a good point, and it changed my mind:

One of the main differences between “new media” and “new new media” is that “new media” is content that is produced for the consumer while “new new media” is content that the consumer can create himself or herself or get from other consumers who have created content for themselves and others.  This major distinction allows for a better understanding of why Levinson chose to coin the term “new new media.”

So yes, I guess the two should be separate. Live and learn!

However, I think the three of us kind of agree (I don’t mean to be putting words into your mouth though) that new new media, while distinct, should have a different name. Maybe more descriptive? More timeless? Think about it – in a few years after new methods of socializing and electronic communication are developed, is the term “new new media” really going to make sense?

It’s been fun to learn from other students beyond the textbook. It’s really helping me understand, and hopefully it’s helping other students too.




3 responses

15 01 2012

You would be putting the correct words in my mouth in saying that I agree “new new media” should be called something different, as you’ve said 🙂

Though I don’t have a problem with calling it social media, I can acknowledge the shortcomings of the term and wouldn’t be opposed to a new one being coined to describe what Levinson calls “new new media” I like where you’re headed with saying that the term should be timeless. That was definitely a thought I had when writing, but I didn’t venture to suggesting any alternatives because I couldn’t come up with any. I completely agree that a good term would be one that makes sense years from now, by which time there will likely be “new new new new new media” if we keep on with Levinson’s naming method!

15 01 2012

yeah, even “consumer-created media” would seem more fitting than new new, ya know?

15 01 2012

I have to say, that I didn’t really understand the term “new new media” until I did some poking around on Levinson’s blog. It started to make more sense after that, and I’m pleased to see that other students have come to the same conclusion about the definition of the term, so I know I’m not alone. 🙂

I agree, though, that the term isn’t as timeless as it should be. For now, at least, it works. Perhaps, though, something this class could do is to create it’s own term for “new new media.”

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