21 01 2012

A Central Hub
Hello Interwebz people, I’m posting this blog courtesy of my brand new iPhone! WordPress has a pretty satisfactory app for blogging, and since I’m sitting in a hotel at the U of M without a computer, well, you can figure it out.

Anyways, I talked very briefly in my last post about About.me (I had issues with Flavors so I’m just not going to talk about that for the time being until I know more). I want to talk more about it and get your guys’ opinions.

Three dudes – Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young created About.me in October 2009. It’s a hosting service that acts as a platform for access to all of an individual’s various online services. Essentially it’s a “hub” as I like to call it.

How it Works
The idea behind About.me is that instead of telling people endless contact possibilities (ie. here’s my blog address, here’s my twitter name, here’s my business website yada yada), you can just give someone a single About.me address and they can navigate to your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. from there. They can easily learn all about you.

(It’s an iPhone screen schot, which is all I have right now, sorry!)

I encourage you all to make an About.me profile – the designers did a great job of making it simple and quick. Se what you think. I have numerous socializing outlets, and I do like having them all grouped together. Will I refer people to it? I don’t know, maybe. See if you would.

I could see great potential to use this for someone who is an aspiring artist looking to showcase his work in various places on the web, or a small online business owner who wants to use a “catchall” referral website.

What would you categorize About.me as? It’s like new media in the sense that it’s free and created by consumers, but there’s not much for editable content. Just the service links you put on there.

Throw out your opinions!




2 responses

21 01 2012

I think this could potentially be useful, but personally I don’t think I need it. I only have a few different social media sites, so it’s not too overwhelming to keep track of.

22 01 2012

This is an interesting app! I think it’s definitely one of those that could be more appropriate for some people than others; I don’t have a ton of contact sites/addresses/etc, but I do have a few so sometimes it would be nice to have a single hub. I have mixed feelings about it though; part of me is ready to go sign up for an about.me account immediately–but the other part of me groans at having to sign up for ANOTHER account to keep track of!

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