Final Thoughts On Levinson

22 01 2012

Levinson is a Stud
As I finished reading chapter 2, there are a few more points I’d like to highlight:

  • I agree with Levinson’s call for bloggers to do investigative reporting of their own. Journalistic characteristics will enhance the quality of blogs. Also, it keeps consumers as the true gatekeepers.
  • Blogging (and any new new media for that fact) has an incredible capability of connecting people together in a way that the universe normally wouldn’t allow. Ex: celebrities can interact with us “commoners” in a unique way.
  • Levinson is a stud. This guy has had some insane people read and comment on his blog. Even the mere thought of Levinson influencing the President…is legit.

Politics and New New Media

I’m really not into politics, but i’m into media. After reading Chapter 12 and doing some looking around on the Internet, I have definitely noticed something –  say what you want about Barack Obama as a President, that guy gets new media. Levinson pointed out that law is the slowest at jumping on board with the new media of the time, and Obama worked to break that chain. I looked around, and as a web design major (yes, I am majoring in PR – I’m not changing my stories around!), I was quite impressed with the site. And when it comes to new new media, Obama has that figured out too.  I follow him on Twitter, and he releases a “Weekly Address” every Saturday morning. When you think about it, Obama definitely went after young hipsters like us in 2008 who waited on the fence for one of the candidates to nudge us to their side. He had to figure out new media, no doubt.

And when it comes to Republican primaries…I couldn’t give a hoot. I honestly don’t like a single candidate. Except for this guy.

One more post to cover the tetrad, but I’m going to wait until I get home to a real computer for that one.




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