Don’t Hate the Bird

24 01 2012

I can tell a lot of EC457 classmates are not a fan of Twitter, but I will try my hardest to defend it! It’s not perfect – there are things I would change. But it is unique, and it’s honestly how I get my news (and people’s reactions) daily.

Did you know?? –> Creators came up with the name Twitter because they liked how the name fulfilled the concept of the site. By tweeting, you are giving a short little “chirp” to the world. Get it?

What I Like About Twitter

Here are a few awesome things about Twitter:

  1. Quick, easy, and immediate
  2. Mass communication is personal
  3. 140 characters forces you to be quick and concises (and witty)
  4. I can keep an easy eye on what all my friends are up to
  5. The “Trending” sidebar – it’s how I learn about what’s new and stirring people up
  6. People are hilarious with their tweets
  7. Smaller community that Facebook –> I can be a bit more honest and open w/o fear of my boss creeping on me

What I’d Change About Twitter

Even though I love Twitter, there’s a few things I’d change that would make it more user-friendly:

  1. Easier search for friends (they haven’t quite perfected that)
  2. Control of SPAM, otherwise using #hashtags are going to lose their categorical function

That’s actually about it. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s sometimes hard to find people.

Also, sometimes people use Twitter as a “subliminal message” outlet to other people following them. Ex: a girl is pissed at this dude but doesn’t want to confront him, so she tweets about her frustrations and emotions, hoping he will read it. <–it’s a little middle-school, but a lot of people do it, and it kind of bothers me. It’s allowing people to avoid confrontation, a difficult but much needed interpersonal skill.

Keep at It!

I want to encourage you guys to make a solid effort with Twitter. Like I said in my last post, I only got Twitter originally to follow @markhoppus, and not only did I receive a TON of crap for joining Twitter (all of those people now have Twitter accounts) but I also struggled to see the point of it. But I found things that make it more interesting, and I harrassed enough people to join. Now I love it. It’s so quick and I just randomly check it for a few minutes on my phone and move on. I love being able to interact quickly with people and bands for a witty comment or story.

And feel free to @mention me! I will certainly reply back and have a mini-convo with you.

What’s Next

 The next few blogs will be about Digg and then I will create a tetrad for Blogging vs. Twitter (miniblogging). I am actually looking forward to creating that one…considering I dreaded sitting down and doing the last one.




One response

25 01 2012

Fabulous team player! Can’t believe you are in track. : )

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