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24 01 2012


I was quite excited to see our new endeavor for this week – Twitter! I have been a user of Twitter since the summer of 2009. I have always loved it, but it definitely became more fun starting around fall of 2011. Follow me on the sidebar – @ktkilla.

A lot of new users have the tendency to get an account to try it out and then go “uhhh, okay? This sucks.” But they haven’t done anything. It takes a little work getting things established an rolling. Twitter is useless without following. I’ve been reading the posts about initial reactions to Twitter, and so I want to give a few tips that are not only helpful, but make Twitter more fun.


  1. Find people! Twitter’s power comes from the interaction with people and groups. Let the Facebook world know you got an account and give your name. They’ll search for you too.
  2. Find accounts of things of interest. It’s nice to get things like – CNN, Uber Facts, or FamilyGuyTweets on your home feed (Be careful with UberFacts – they update A LOT. But their stuff is interesting and funny).
  3. Find celebrites. I originally got Twitter to follow Mark Hoppus after Blink 182 got back together in 2009. Now I follow other bands, and it helps me keep up to date with all of them. Plus, you can even interact with them.  A lot of celebrities and bands are good about reading @mention’s and sometimes replying to you.
  4. Use hashtags, @mentions, and retweets. Whether it’s for humor, talking to someone, or so you can see what other people are saying about a topic, they’re fun to use, and it makes everything even more interconnected.
  5. Set up your smartphone with Twitter. By nature, Twitter is about frequent mini-blogs, and being mobile with it makes that work better. You can stay up-to-date more easily, and it’s more fun. Also, you can upload pics from your phone (if you can’t tell, I love doing that).
  6. If you don’t have a smartphone, set up your dumbphone. You can do updates via text, and you can receive texts when certain people update (be careful with that one – if the person is a frequent updater, that can get old quick).
  7. Don’t be worried about what to tweet. Whether it’s a poetic thought or an update about what you’re doing today, tweet it!

If you have questions about any of that, feel free to ask. Twitter is only fun if you interact with people, keep tabs on people, and update more often than once a month. Also, try and get other friends into Twitter.




3 responses

24 01 2012

Thanks for the tips and enthusiasm! I shall try to imitate your ways 🙂

24 01 2012

Thank you for the tips! I’m starting to learn how to use Twitter, but I am having a big problem coming up with things to write about. I guess I just don’t want to sound silly for posting something that no one cares about or something like that. I just don’t know what to post! Any ideas? 🙂

25 01 2012

First off, you have to let go of the fear of sounding silly! I went through and looked at some of my tweets (I’ve had the recent obsession of uploading photos, which I should probably ease up on) b/c I don’t really think about what I post, but I wanted to see my trends in tweeting.

The thing about tweeting is doing it right at that moment a tweet-worthy thought pops in your head. See something funny happen? Have a weird interaction with the grocery clerk? Have a random thought about why the fall of the Republic happened in Star Wars? Tweet it ASAP! That makes it instinctual and then you’ll notice it just becomes natural. Not every tweet has to be riveting, just let YOU shine through.

I’m not saying I’m a tweeting extrordinaire, but if you want an idea (?), check out my twitter. (Again, I’ve been excessively tweeting pictures as of late, which is uncharacteristic of my typical tweeting style).!/ktkilla

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