Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss

26 01 2012

I must admit, after reading through numerous posts about Twitter, I’m a little disappointed. As a NEW MEDIA major, I inherently am open to new types of social interaction avenues. No I don’t have an account for every new new medium out there, but I’m at least open minded. To see such negative posts about Twitter is discouraging. It hasn’t even been a week.

I’m a believer in the Internet as a powerful source of knowledge. It’s a place we seek to find and share information with others. I also believe the more we openly communicate, the better. Im a comm major, I love talk talk talk. And Twitter has allowed that. To discredit it within a few days of use…is slightly ignorant.

You don’t have to love Twitter, but to belittle it because of ignorance or misunderstanding…is, well, disappointing. But that’s natural American society – we dislike anything deviant of the norm…of OUR norm.




2 responses

27 01 2012
Hannah Albrightson

I LOVE TWITTER! I assumed I would hate it (before giving it a chance), but I think it’s taking over my life :/

27 01 2012

And that’s all I’m asking everyone to do – give it a chance!! No one has to love it, but I’m very glad you do 🙂

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