Twitter Tetrad

27 01 2012

I created another tetrad for Twitter similar to my tetrad about blogging. Two areas I considered about Twitter are: a)timeliness/content and  b) how Twitter affects the technological global village.

Take a look and enjoy! Read the few older posts about Twitter too if you haven’t.





2 responses

27 01 2012

You’ve got the visual touch, Katie! Let’s see if we can get this tetrad to go viral in the McLuhan community (which might mean one hundred hits ; ).

A lot of people do come around to saying “It’s taking over my life” or “it’s becoming an obsession.” Any thoughts on why it is SOOO compelling to some? Are they retrieving something like “passing notes in school” or is it like eavesdropping on a hundred conversations? Enhances connectivity, which is like making the GV smaller?

27 01 2012

I had to let this one sit a bit to really think about why it’s so compelling. Then it hit me – it’s like hanging out with a big group of friends. Everyone’s talking at once and there’s a hundred different conversations going on, and even you are actually maintaining multiple conversations with many friends in the group.

From an outside view, it looks chaotic, confusing, overwhelming. From an inside view, however, you know exactly what’s going on…and you’re having a good time!

I think that analogy points it out perfectly. Because the conversations and other posts are viewable to numerous followers, it essentially becomes a worldwide group of friends “hanging out and chatting.” In some crazy, chaotic way, we can make sense of it and absorb (and enjoy) all the information being passed around.

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