Delving into Social Media

31 01 2012

Reading Reflection

After reading the chapters on MySpace, Facebook, and The Dark Side of New New Media, I figured I’d do a quick response (in bullet form). Then I’m going to spend the week getting acquainted with Google+. Then I’ll post my reaction to it – I want to give Google+ a fair, semi-unbiased chance before I talk about it.

Here are a couple things that stood out to me:

    1. Social networking and music – This will actually be my essay topic. Being a musician, I am very interested in how bands and artists have been able to build their name and gain recording contracts without having to rely on the recording companies in the first place. Sites like MySpace and Facebook “Band Page” are giving power back to musicians – where it belongs.
    2. “Friends” are different on MySpace and Facebook – Levinson made a good point that, while he has 6,000 friends on MySpace, he only knows 100 of them “in-person.” I agree with his statement that Facebook “friends” are people that you have at one point met.
    3. First love syndrome – While reading through the Facebook chapter and thinking about what I’m going to do with Google+, I couldn’t help but ask myself repeatedly “Will there be anything bigger than Facebook?” I think Levinson’s statement of “first love syndrome” makes a lot of sense here. I experienced Facebook (and fell in love with it) before I joined MySpace. Now, with any other new new media (well, I should say social networking/media site), I find myself comparing it to Facebook. Can I find friends as easily as Facebook? Can I make albums like Facebook? etc.
    4. The dark side of new new media – I have absolutely no tolerance for bullying, and reading a chapter about it fired me up a bit. It’s a horrible, stupid stupid thing. And sadly, new new media is a great avenue for bullying. Not only can rumors, hate messages, and harassing videos/photos be disseminated in a rapid fashion – the bullies can do it all while hiding behind a computer screen. But like Levinson said – a pillow can be used to sleep on and give comfort…but it can also suffocate and murder someone.

What’s Next

I ended that on a slightly negative note. But anyways, what can you expect for the upcoming week? I will post another visually pleasing (hopefully you think it is) tetrad of Facebook as well as my reaction to Google+. I will continue to interact with everyone’s blogs while working with Google+.

Let’s have a fun week my fellow new media adventurers.

Meanwhile, enjoy this man pulling out his karate moves on a basketball hoop at the BSA.




2 responses

31 01 2012

Haha, awesome picture! And good summary (I’m about to read the chapters myself, so it was a good sneak-peak).

I completely agree with you on the asinine nature of “cyber bullying.” What my tentative paper topic is planning to cover is “trolling.” I’m kind of fascinated by the activity that we label “trolling” but not “bullying.” Is there some potential “good” from “trolling?” Hopefully, I’ll find out!

I look forward to seeing your topic take shape into a paper!

1 02 2012

I started out on MySpace and then abandoned it for Facebook. So if something better comes along that enough of my friends move to, I will transition again. Facebook has become filled with games, spam, viruses… and I’m getting annoyed with it all. That’s why I found twitter so refreshing. Although they have a few promoted tweets, it’s clean and simple.

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