Wickedy Wikis – I Have a Lot to Learn

23 02 2012

(Insert Cheesy Disc-Scratching “Wiki -Wiki” Sound Here)

Greetings from Fort Wayne, Indiana! The indoor season is finally wrapping up with the Indoor Conference Championship. The women’s team will be competing for our 6th straight conference title.

But anyways, it is now time to reflect on Levinson’s chapter on Wikipedia. I definitely agree with John that it was disappointing to see Levinson only talk about Wikipedia, and not the broader aspect of wikis. I mean, the first wiki was created in 1995 and Wikipedia didn’t come around til 2001 – there’s a lot going on in those 6 years that he could have at least skimmed through.

My Experience With Wikis/Wikipedia

Prior to this class, I have little/no experience with wikis. I haven’t felt a need or desire to, but our current project for the ec457 page is actually interesting – a homework assignment I’m not TOTALLY dreading.

My experience with Wikipedia is quite extensive, however. As a communications major, I have had to write numerous papers on various applied theories. While I don’t use Wikipedia as a direct source of information for these papers, I do use them for two things:

  1. Better understanding of terms – they put big fancy words aside
  2. Guidance to scholarly articles – those works cited at the bottom? I just copy and paste them into the library archive at NDSU and presto!….a lovely secondary source that is straight from the researcher.

Editing and Collaboration

I have always supported the Internet as a fantastic medium for dissemination of information and knowledge. That is one reason I also love what Wikipedia does. Yes, there are false pieces of information, and there are idiots out there who just mess things up for the sake of messing things up. But as the system evolves and becomes more airtight, I find Wikipedia to be a good source of information. Or at least a middle man to the “solid” information when cited properly.

Reading through Levinson’s chapter, I did not realize just how elaborate the realm of adding, editing, removing, administrating, etc is. Just never thought much about it.

Wikipedia as an Encyclopedia or Newspaper?

I do have to disagree a little bit with Levinson’s statement that Wikipedia is becoming like a newspaper. I still think it is more of a frequently updated Encyclopedia produced by consumers. When I look at Wikipedia, I still get the online encyclopedia vibe.

I also have full confidence that sites like Wikipedia will never remove the importance of a library – tangible, “non-deletable” books will still preside.

And with that, I actually have to leave you all now so I can go do a shake out for track! Adios!


Second Life Isn’t For Me

17 02 2012

Well I gave Second Life a couple more tries, and it just really isn’t my style. When I play “video games,” I look more stimulation – something I couldn’t find in Second Life. I couldn’t make the class hangouts on Thursday and Friday b/c of 1) Bible study and 2) Track practice, so I do think I missed out on the most exciting part of trying out Second Life.

Nonetheless here’s the proof that I was on SL.

One Life is Plenty (But Two is Fun Too)

15 02 2012

Here’s a lil vlog (well…it’s 7 minutes) reflecting on readings, videos, and Second Life.

The song at the beginning is a recorded cover of “Feeling This” – I collabbed with Infinite Signal.


This Week’s Videos

12 02 2012

It has been very fun to watch everyone’s vlogs and remixes. To me, watching a video is definitely more entertaining (and I retain more) than a long post.

I was on John’s blog watching the latest viral video on YouTube for the first time, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Sure the dad was over the top, but that girl sounded pretty snotty.

I also find his method of initial confrontation quite interesting. For being an IT dude, he was sure country-looking. Nonetheless, I think he accomplished what he wanted to.

So I ventured over to YouTube to watch videos related to this crazy dad video, and naturally, there has already been a remixed video. It’s pretty….lame. But it’s a prime example of how people interact on YouTube through avenues other than just comments.

I’m keeping this post short and I’m just going to let you see the video for yourself.

And here’s another awesome parody video 🙂 🙂

It’s a Video! It’s a Blog! IT’S A VLOG!!

9 02 2012

Here you go my fellow EC457-ers…a vlog. I hope to do another one soon after more people have vlogged. Feel free to post or video reply!

I had major audio-video issues. They weren’t synched together right, so I had to cut a lot of things and move it around. Hopefully it has lined up right.

“Danielle” Marbles

8 02 2012

Here’s a funny video my friend Danielle made for Kalani while she was in Utah. I helped. And was in it.

Enjoy – it’s hilar…

Essay Topic and Google+ Review

5 02 2012

New New Media and Music

I finally arrived home at 2am from Nebraska this morning. The meet went very well, but man those bus rides get a little old. Anyways, it’s Sunday and I still have to talk about my essay and reflect on Google+. I’ll start off with my topic.

Being a musician and sound technician, the music industry is a very relevant topic to me. Also, as a New Media major, consumer (my term for new new) and social media is a very relevant topic to me. Luckily, the two have become quite intertwined, and both industries have grown because of each other’s existence and interaction.

Here’s a few resources and points I’m going to use for my chapter:

  • How consumer and social media bypasses recording labels – a few years ago, musicians had to rely record labels to gain popularity and a fan base. There wasn’t any other way to promote themselves other than through the label. Unfortunately, record labels didn’t want to sign bands without proof of a musician’s potential for success (which heavily requires a fan base). Consumer and social media is removing power from the record labels – musician’s can promote themselves, share music, create allies with other musicians, book events, and build a fan base….all without signing to a label.
  • Musicians that “made it” using MySpace – Lilly Allen, Sean Kingston, Jeffree Star, Escape the Fate
  • Facebook the new MySpace for bands? – Bandpage and Spotify, showing of “likes” displays rising popularity, Facebook is becoming more popular than MySpace, easier to see band activity and interaction, many “apps” for musicians (Merch Store, BandPage, music videos, YouTube, Artists)
  • In VertigoThis band is a good current example of utilizing social media to promot themselves without a label. Over the past year, the band has over 5,000 “likes” and 12,000 followers on Twitter…before they even released pictures or names of the band members, songs, albums, or a music sample. They literally had nothing to share, but their tactical use of consumer/social media has gained them valuable connections. As of today, the band has posted pictures, names, and provides one song on Facebook. That is it – and they’re still gaining popularity.
  • Twitter – It gives quick interaction with fans and other bands, provides an avenue for tour dates, song releases, and directs the following crowd to toehr new media. Also, #ff is a big opportunity for bands to support one another.
  • Tumblr – Being more of a music/photo site, it’s great for musicians to share their products. The only downside is that they need a place to host the music (which is where Facebook and MySpace trump)
  • SpotifyThis consumer medium is gaining a lot of popularity, and it can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

Google+ Reaction

Unfortunately, being on the road for 3 days made working with Google+ very difficult. I did have  a mobile app for it, but trying to explore a social networking site through an app over using a normal computer isn’t the best experience. I think I have a reaction that is pretty online with other students.

  • Though I haven’t used the “hangout” feature, people seem to like it
  • They reinvented the wheel, but that’s okay – they’re doing a good job
  • “Circles” is nice, but I don’t have enough people on + to really use them
  • I would like to continue using +, but I don’t have enough friends on it to really do that (right now we’re all on Facebook and Twitter)
  • Once they find ways to integrate themselves with other consumer and social media sites (like Facebook), I think they’ll really start making progress

This post has been a bit dull and incredibly task-focused. Fortunately, I won’t be going to any out-of-town meets until the conference meet at the end of the month, so I can go back to enjoying this class and interacting with everyone better 🙂