It’s a Video! It’s a Blog! IT’S A VLOG!!

9 02 2012

Here you go my fellow EC457-ers…a vlog. I hope to do another one soon after more people have vlogged. Feel free to post or video reply!

I had major audio-video issues. They weren’t synched together right, so I had to cut a lot of things and move it around. Hopefully it has lined up right.




2 responses

9 02 2012

Love your DIY musical intro, and really impressed with your ability to be academic in your blog. You, me, everybody else claim to feel awkward while blogging, but I find what I see from the class pretty compelling and engaging.

Time is the big issue preventing vlog-backs and remixes. Alyssa did a nice job remixing Oscar’s 50 second vlog (, but I am not sure where I would start with yours. Maybe I’ll grab a piece for a Levison remix I hope to make some day.

9 02 2012

lol it’s tough to remix a vlog like this. It doesn’t leave much for one. Oscar’s “my name is Oscar” was more silly and fun, creating an avenue for something like what Alyssa did.

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