This Week’s Videos

12 02 2012

It has been very fun to watch everyone’s vlogs and remixes. To me, watching a video is definitely more entertaining (and I retain more) than a long post.

I was on John’s blog watching the latest viral video on YouTube for the first time, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Sure the dad was over the top, but that girl sounded pretty snotty.

I also find his method of initial confrontation quite interesting. For being an IT dude, he was sure country-looking. Nonetheless, I think he accomplished what he wanted to.

So I ventured over to YouTube to watch videos related to this crazy dad video, and naturally, there has already been a remixed video. It’s pretty….lame. But it’s a prime example of how people interact on YouTube through avenues other than just comments.

I’m keeping this post short and I’m just going to let you see the video for yourself.

And here’s another awesome parody video 🙂 🙂




One response

12 02 2012

my kids love the Elmo remix, but they REALLY love the original LMFAO video. i’m a bad parent and I know it.

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