Sprinting to the Finish Line

5 03 2012

I’m NOT a Procrastinator

I pride myself in being a very organized person – I love checklists and I get things done well in advance. But…I am in a bit of a sprint this week. Not gonna lie.

My chapter is on how new new media has impacted the music industry – particularly taking power away from major record labels (such as Interscope, Sony, Warner, Geffen, etc). It has actually been very fun, because music reinforcement and recording has always been a passion of mine.

I’ve noticed the main problem for me is finding sources. A lot of the information I provide is information I just….know. Ya know? But because a good paper is one with sources to back up the thesis, I have been scouring articles and other Internet sources. Writing about a newer and constantly changing medium means few scholarly articles published online or in hard copy, but then the challenge wouldn’t be as fun!

Structure of my Paper

The basic structure I have of my chapter is as follows:

  • Introduction about musicians and new new media
  • A basic historical background on how 1) recording technology and 2) self-promotion has evolved to what it is
  • Musicians and various specific new new media (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Ping)
  • The symbiotic relationship between music and new new media

How is my chapter different than Alyda’s? Well, mine is more about using new new media as an extended word-of-mouth. Musicians can use new new media to promote themselves and gain attention without associating with any major label. A musician cannot get on Spotify without support of a major or well-known independent label, and that is the main dividing line between our chapters.

Below I attached the file for what I currently have. Please feel free to read some and give a little feedback. Some parts a little jumbled, but I’m making my way through. I hope everyone else is doing okay with their chapter!!

Musicians and New New Media




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