Reflections and the Start of OFA-ND Project

1 04 2012

Reading Reflections

Hello cyber classmates! This past week has been a blur of crazy work, but I have to admit I learned a lot. Reading 5 chapters along with watching videos and on and on really sucked, but I learned relevant information for our nonprofit project. *sigh*…it’s always hard for me to admit when I’m wrong. Anyways, here are a few points that I took away from the slew of information this week:

1. Hubs are the influencers in the network, and the hubs may actually be a different group of people than we think. It is important to identify and utilize these hubs.

2. Creating social culture is prooobably a good idea.

3. Change is hard.

4. It’s better to have a strong presence on a few sites rather than a weak presence spread out over several sites (advice from Kate).


6. There are a mix of supporters, called the “Ladder of Engagement.” It was a good reminder to me that not everyone is going to be as active as we want. The involvement can range from happy bystanders to instigators.

7. Transparency is key.

8. Simplicity is simple, but it’s hard to accomplish.

Nonprofit Progress

Jason Bedsaul and myself are working with Kyle Locket on Obama for America – North Dakota (OFA-ND). Unfortunately, track is making this project difficult, so Jason is graciously taking on a little more leg work while I do my best to keep up behind-the-scenes.  After Jason met with Kyle, we were able to identify three main goals: (1) increase the volunteer involvement of Dems NDSU, (2) increase traffic (not just “likes”) on the OFA-ND Facebook page, and (3) increase volunteer participation in cold calling.

With those goals, we will work together to hash out a strategy plan for OFA-ND by next Sunday, and then have a formal proposal generated by April 15th.

I am leaving for Arizona on Wednesday, so Jason and I will be collaborating virally. Not the most optimal, but it will have to do!




One response

1 04 2012
Kate Bladow

Have you and Jason asked OFA-ND if they have any documentation from the national campaign about social media best practices? Seems like they may have some suggestions for you.

Also, the needs of political advocacy and election campaigns are slightly different than your standard nonprofit. The good news is that there’s plenty of information on running these types of social media campaigns, too. You might check out Netroots Nations – – and the Progressive Exchange –

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