I Just Plowed Through 170 Pages…

2 04 2012

Reading Reflection

I had to make sure to get through all of the reading material before heading out to Arizona so I can focus on my nonprofit project. I definitely found the second half of our reading to not be as relevant/useful for OFA-ND. For example, chapter 10 is about friending to funding – which…well, that’s not exactly what our project is focused on. I know that will be OFA-ND’s focus down the road, but that isn’t Jason’s and my immediate focus. What I took away from the reading as most helpful is the concept of crowdsourcing.

Different categories of crowdsourcing:

1. Collective intelligence or crowd wisdom

2. Crowd creation

3. Crowd voting – This is definitely the ultimate goal for OFA-ND, and our project will help reach this type of crowd sourcing

4. Crowd funding – Another important aspect of campaigning, but that extends beyond our project both in time and scope

I like how the book broke down crowdsourcing into “bit-size” pieces. It will help my group not feel overwhelmed with the idea of motivating a crowd to a certain action. Just as importantly, crowdsourcing cautions: crowds can be unpredictable, angry mobs, useless in contribution, done.

OFA-ND Update and Nonprofit.org

Jason and I are starting to solidify our goals, objectives, and tactics – as well as the tools we will use them out. I’m going to wait to talk about that stuff more in detail until we have a good mini draft of our direction…which will probably be within the next week or so. It looks like our two main social media sources will be Twitter and especially Facebook. We are going to evaluate the current use of OrgSync and e-mailing and how/if they should be kept in our plan. When looking through the tools list on Nonprofit.org, I did come across “group texting” – something I actually found interest in and plan to look at it a little closer. Will we use it? No clue, but brainstorming means no idea is a bad one.

So that’s about all I have for this week. As Jason and I make progress, I will be updating you all!

My birthday is in 8 days – I expect ginormous and lavish presents.




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