Progress on OFA-ND

10 04 2012

Status Update

Jason and I have been working more on our social media campaign proposal for OFA-ND, and I think we are on a good path right now. I have been traveling a lot, but thank goodness for the internet. I was in Arizona for 5 days (it was waaaaay too hot), so Jason has been doing all the meeting with Kyle (from OFA-ND) – which has been super awesome. I’ve been a bit more behind the scenes and working on building a more presentable proposal from the simple bullet points we started with.

Here’s a link to the Google Doc we have going on right now. Getting closer! You’ll see that we are focusing more on strengthening what OFA-ND already has going on. Kyle does a lot of work for OFA-ND on his own, so we have to figure out how to be efficient and sustainable more than a normal organization we would work with. We want a stronger presence in a few (and the right) media rather than a weak presence (and Kyle) spread out too thin.

Check it out please provide feedback! I hope everyone else is doing well with their campaigns.




2 responses

10 04 2012

Nice use of a consistent pattern: goal, rationale, objective and tactics. Nice use of measurable goals (increase likes by 20%, etc.). All good as far as I can see. Let me know if you have specific questions.

12 04 2012

Hey it’s looking great!
Yeah, I can see what you mean about having to approach it a little differently becuase they do already have things up and running to an extent, but that’s also really exciting becuase it means you get to be a little more creative and explore things beyond the basics! It’s very different from the org that my group is working with, our main contact is a great guy and it’s been interesting to work with him because while he has been doing some facebook and blog posting, he doesn’t know a lot about how the platforms work… for example, he didn’t know about facebook photo albums until a couple weeks ago. So we’ve been doing a lot of going over the basics. But that’s good too, because it forces us to take a step back and think about the very most important things to get accoross and to know how to use w/ social media!

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