Reaching the Finish Line (Sort of)

23 04 2012

Hello #ec457!!

It has been one crazy week – most of which I spent under the sun for nearly 12 hours every day in California. Great for me – not great for my homework. BUT! I’m back for a few more days, so I figured it’s update time for OFA-ND. Jason has a more detailed post, so I’m not going to overlap much. If you want specs, read his post on it.

In my last post, I shared the link for our social media campaign proposal. This week we met up with Kyle and started focusing on the logistics. It was a bit of a slow start (partially because my absence, and partially because of the understandable red tape involved with working for OFA), but we are now in full swing with our campaign (and we will have to spill over into dead week with execution). We are going to get our hands dirty with Facebook and Twitter, beef up OFA-ND’s blog/Web site, and work on creating a more coherent connection among the three. One difficulty that Jason pointed out is finding the balance between connecting with the audience better. OFA-ND receives various messages to be disseminated to the public, and they can’t change the wording or structure of the messages – they’re more so regurgitated. Beyond that, we have a little more freedom, but they still have to past the head honcho’s test. So I think we will be spending some time finding that sweet spot.

Now that we’ve got our footing with the tools, it is now time for us to also focus on getting volunteers to work at phone banks. That truly is the main goal of our campaign. If we can focus on getting people at phone banks now, that means potential for more volunteers, supporters, and voters down the road when President Obama’s campaign really gets going.

I hope everyone else is doing well with their campaigns!




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