Revised NNM Chapter!!

9 05 2012

I’ll keep this short and sweet – here is my revised chapter on music and new new media.

Couple changes: added SoundCloud, revised YouTube and Myspace to draw on more specific examples, basic grammar and structure fixes, implemented Levinson when applicable (there wasn’t a whole lot, but I did what I could. He did have a couple tidbits that helped).

Have a great summer!  Musicians and New New Media


Wrapping Up with OFA-ND

5 05 2012

It has been a fun four weeks working with Jason and Kyle! While working for OFA-ND, we could tell that Kyle does have a pretty good system going on, but we did have a few minor suggestions for him this summer.
Here are two Google Docs you can read: 1) Path Forward Plan for OFA-ND, and 2) Group/Self Assessment Memo.


I will be revamping my New Media chapter and posting that on here soon as well, but that will be about it for me. Conference for track takes place during finals week, so I’m going to be focused on that. Thank you all for a great semester, and have a WONDERFUL summer!

Hang Tight!

2 05 2012

Just wanted to almost a micro blog to give you a heads up on what I will be doing this weekend to wrap up the semester:

1. Our project will end tomorrow (May 3) after the UND v. NDSU phone bank

2. After the project ends, I’ll write up a memo and share it with everyone this weekend

3. Lastly, Jason and I will work up a list of suggestions for Kyle at OFA-ND for continuation of our work. We couldn’t go too in depth with some things we wanted to do, but nonetheless, there were things we learned that will be good to share with him.
Enjoy the nice weather!