I’ve lived a pretty simple life – just a homegrown North Dakota kid. I was born in Garrison but have spent most of my life in Fargo. In fact, every school I’ve gone to is less than 7 blocks from the home I grew up in. I love Fargo, and I love the people.


I am currently in my 4th year at NDSU, and I’m a thrower on the Track and Field team. I originally was recruiting for golf here, but I realized my heart was still too invested in throwing. Track is a huge part of my life, and every action I make is based on whether or not it will make me a better athlete.

I am pursuing a double major in Public Relations and New Media/Web Design. What will I do with it? No idea. I actually want to be a sound engineer. You know, sit behind a sound board and record/mix musicians. But we’ll see. I’m rollin with it.

Snowboarding is a HUGE passion of mine.

The best part about me is that I have experienced a huge revival in my faith in Christ. Placing something so amazing and unchanging in the center of my life has made everything else fall into place. I love every day He gives me, and my life has been changed forever.


What am I going to do?? I don’t know! I love the cities, so I’ll probably move there after college for a bit. I think my true calling is out to Colorado, specifically Denver. There’s music, mountains, and people.


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